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Teri Ann Moyer


    Teri Ann has been painting since she was a child and has utilized her creative abilities throughout her career, which began with Mattel Toys where she painted murals for trade shows, designed product displays, directed product photo shoots and worked on commercial shoots and other product marketing. Teri Ann expresses herself through various artistic styles with her stand out work of abstract expressionism. Her mediums of choice are watercolor, acrylic and ink. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and are now available for purchase.


With a minor in Photography Teri Ann continues to shoot photos whenever and wherever she goes. She has a keen eye and a unique perspective. She attempts to share the beauty of God's creation through her photographs, note cards and postcards.


Teri Ann enjoys writing as a wonderful way to express herself on paper. The words written on the page often surprise her as she is inspired by God’s holy word and His creation. Teri currently serves as a writer and blogger for various Christian ministries. Her first book, THREADS, was published in 2013 and she is currently working on a 365-day devotional.

Teri Ann has worked in film and television for some years and is the great-grand-niece of Oscar award winning set director, Ray Moyer. She served as Executive Producer and Actor for The Adventures of Roman and Jorge a Christian television series.

Creator of Scarves, Face Masks and Other Fashion Accessories

2010 - present

Being inspired by a sister-in-Christ who had endured cancer and chemotherapy, Teri Ann decided to take up sewing to make scarves for chemo patients. The T.E.R.I. brand is an acronym for "Touch, Embrace, Renew, Inspire". It was formed...

  • to Touch the lost and hurting with the good news of Jesus;

  • to Embrace cultures throughout the world;

  • to Renew those suffering from the side-effects of chemotherapy;

  • and to Inspire jobs for women in need.

Proceeds of T.E.R.I. sales help provide scarves for women undergoing chemotherapy.


2010 - present

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